Fear No Beer T-Shirt in Dark Grey Heather


Be on your guard and wear your Fear No Beer t-shirt in dark grey heather to help you remember to keep an eye out for Beer Monsters raiding your beer cooler at night.  This shirt feels soft and lightweight in your hand, it has the right amount of stretch around your mid-section.  It’s comfortable and flattering for both men and women. So, wither you believe in the Beer Monster myths and legends or not at least you will look sharp and be comfortable too.

Cheers Always!  Clark


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Fear No Beer T-Shirt in Dark Grey Heather
  • 100% Airlum combed and ring-spun cotton (Heather colors contain polyester as noted below)
  • Ash Color is 99% Airlum combed, ring-spun cotton and 1% polyester
  • Heather Colors are 52% Airlum combed, ring-spun cotton and 48% polyester
  • Athletic and Black Heather are 90% Airlum combed, ring-spun cotton and 10% polyester
  • Heather Prism Colors are 99% Airlum combed, ring-spun cotton and 1% polyester
  • Fabric weight: 4.2 oz (142 g/m2)
  • Always the most comfortable preshrunk fabric
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder taping for extra durability
  • Side-seamed for a great fit
History of the Beer Monster

According to the folklore of the Old North Woods, the Beer Monster or “Hoppy” inhabits the shores of freshwater lakes. Described as cylindrical or pear-shaped, about the height of a man with thirsty eyes and foam on its face whiskers.

First reported by fur trappers, widespread interest and belief in the creature has varied. The trappers would mysteriously run out of beer while telling stories around the campfire. Then later brought to worldwide attention in 1806 when Louis and Clark returned to civilization with harrowing tales of a strange monster living in and around the lakes in the deep woods that would come out at night and drink most of their beer.

However, evidence of a Beer Monster’s existence is anecdotal, with few eyewitness accounts and fewer still disputed photography. Believed to be a mythical creature that allegedly lives around freshwater lakes near vast woods, forests, and primarily fishing encampments.

Although accounts of a thirsty beast living by the lakes date back hundreds of years, all recent efforts to find any credible evidence of the animal have failed. That hasn’t dampened the public’s enthusiasm, however, for any stories about “Hoppy.”

According to Ecologist Thirs T. Guy

Legends of the monster predate the name “Hoppy.” Often families camping at the same lake will have differing stories. Claiming that most native males living in the north woods have accounts of a beer monster in their folk history, expressing a need for “some reason their beer kept disappearing.” Each language had its name for the creatures featured in the local version of such legends. Names used to describe the beast are “Missing Can” or “Thirsty Beast.” Scavenging for beer and raiding camper’s coolers are also associated with the creature’s nocturnal activities.

In 1840 by Bud Wiezer, a Protestant Missionary recorded a less-menacing version of a thirsty beast among the Indians living near The Lake Of The Woods in Northern Minnesota. The Indians said that these creatures lived on and around the shores of nearby lakes and cajoled cans of cold beer from the fishermen’s canoes.

In the 1920s, Indian Agent I. B. Thirsty compiled local stories and published them in a series of Canadian newspaper articles. Accounts told to him by the indigenous fishermen of the area and others. Local’s and other regional lake lovers long-held beliefs that Beer Monsters were real.

Visitors would offend the locals by challenging the legend. According to scant firsthand accounts, the Beer Monster preferred to avoid women and spoke the Drunkish language of fishermen primarily. Thirsty again published the reports in 1940, borrowing the term “Hoppy” from the breweries of Milwaukee and St. Paul using it in his articles to describe the mysterious creature portrayed in his pieces.

Regardless of what lake you visit

Be advised that there is a real possibility, many of your beers may go missing. In hot summer afternoons, you can often hear a wife or girlfriend yelling, “Honey! What happened to all the beer? Did you drink all those cold cans yourself?” Inevitably, you will hear the husband or boyfriend shouting back the response, “I don’t know Honey, maybe it was the Beer Monster? I have to take a leak. I will look around out in the woods.”    

Fear No Beer T-Shirt in Dark Grey Heather

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